Long before Sixsœurs was a brand, Sixsœurs is a tale. You know, the kind that starts with "Once upon a time" and ends with "They got married and had lots of kids"... But still? Six girls, exactly.


They grew up in Normandy between a mother who was a seamstress and a father who was a writer, guided by two common passions: fashion and flea markets.

In 2012, Madeleine, Angèle, Suzanne, Jeanne, Lucie & Alice, inseparable, decided to set up an online fashion boutique that wouldl offer their selection of antique pieces, as well as a line of leather bags Sixsœurs Atelier, bags that they made in their Norman workshop from antique leather clothes that thus find a new life.



In 2016, Madeleine decided to go it alone. She put the family line of bags on hold and now devotes herself fully, under the Sixsœurs label, to a timeless wardrobe with a sought-after and personal style, the idea of which had been in her mind for a long time. 


Self-taught and passionate, this former director of documentary/reportage production has always been fascinated by fabrics and craftsmanship


It was her meeting with Christine, a stylist friend, that made her decide to take the plunge.




At Sixsœurs we try to be straight in our sneakers and tune the business with a certain environmental and quality ethic. So we don't go miles out of our way to produce cheaper, in countries where labour is cheaper like Eastern Europe or China, when we have everything we need in our little Parisian neighbourhood, just a few streets away.

"The concept is Circuit Court Fabriqué à Paris."


Thus, for all our pieces the concept is Circuit Court Fabriqué à Paris. Paris, capital of fashion, is home to the best craftsmen and fashion designers in the world, so why deprive yourself of it? Here we love above all to work hand in hand with the workshops, to follow our productions from A to Z. The human being is at the centre and we give pride of place to craftsmanship, which has always been our great passion.

Our main workshop has accompanied the most fashionable designers of today. Its work is demanding and meticulous. Here we connect the patterns, the tiles...

"France, Italy and Germany offer such beautiful, high-quality products"


It's the same with our tissue. France, Italy and Germany offer products that are so beautiful, so high quality, so accomplished that it is a real chance to have access to them. So why deprive yourself of it?


Besides, we don't like the idea of producing more than we need, of wasting, of having to sell off "overstocks".


Sales? Antinomic of our will of the short circuit / zero waste. An ethical choice which is not that of margin at all costs.

We forgot to specify that if our restocking is possible, it is also because our partners are extremely reactive and invested in the Sixsœurs adventure. Our relationships are strong and go beyond the classic client-supplier framework.

"They have accepted our small-volume production principle and thus make possible our zero-unsold, zero-waste policy"


They have accepted our small-volume production principle and thus make possible our zero-unsold, zero-waste policy. They don't hesitate to pick up their phones, they don't hesitate to shake up their schedules to bring us the solution that will allow us to meet a launch date, change a volume...

Thus armed, Madeleine runs her small business, anticipates trends, designs silhouettes, and keeps abreast of her clients' desires by selecting only the finest materials, with the sole guideline of designing stylish clothes that we will not want to throw away or resell, but that we would like to pass on to our daughters and nieces.


Finally, this short circuit Fabriqué à Paris is an opportunity for Sixsœurs to further expand its family, with plenty of new cousins to rely on. We can add to our manufacturers and suppliers, the RIVP who believed in us and welcomes us in its wonderful artisanal city of the Villa du Lavoir, in the 10th district of Paris, as well as Enercoop, the only, the only, the real energy supplier turned 100% to renewable energy.



A shape, a garment is nothing without the fabric.


Since she was a child, Madeleine has collected fabrics, filling, to her mother's great displeasure, a number of the cupboards in the Norman family home.


She still wonders whether her heart beat first for a boy or in a fabric shop for a yard of fabric, chased with her mother through the Normandy brocades.

Jeanne the MOTHER

Impossible to understand the story of the Six Sisters (Sixsœurs) without naming Jeanne, their mother, a seamstress of genius, who passed on to each of her six daughters the love of the trade and of clothing.

She was the best of the schools.


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